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5 Ways To Style Hunter Boots

February 22, 2021

If your Hunter wellington boots are not getting the amount of wear that you’d hoped, I’m here to help. I manage to find use for my wellies in all seasons and think they’re such a handy pair of boots to have in your wardrobe if you know how to style them.

Here are 5 ways that I style my Hunters that I hope will inspire you to get more use out of them all the year round.

1. Classic Hunter boots & skinny jean combo

This is definitely the look I go for most often as it’s so simple to put together and probably the most practical. To mix it up a bit, try over-the-knee socks rolled over the top of your boots. I have the Hunter wellie socks in green and cream, which are especially great in cold weather.

2. A-line dresses

I absolutely love the look of an a-line skirt with boots on – I think it’s so flattering for the legs. This is a great outfit for when you want to look a little more dressy/feminine than jeans but you still want to be able to explore without worrying about ruining your shoes. When exploring the Cotswolds I kept my Hunter boots in the car so even if I was wearing a pretty outfit I could pop my boots on at a moment’s notice to explore muddy fields!

3. Dungarees/overalls

For any green-fingered goddesses out there, a pair of short dungarees over a plain pastel t-shirt is the perfect gardening outfit when combined with wellies. Don’t forget your straw hat to protect your head from the sun!

4. Cute skirts & over-the-knee socks

I love to contrast the slightly masculine style of my Hunter boots with something a little more feminine, such as a scallop-edged skirt, a blouse with a frilled collar or even a silk scarf. I think this look goes really well with a blazer, a Barbour quilted jacket or gilet.

5. Trench coat

When it’s raining cats and dogs but you still want to look chic, the Hunters / trench coat / umbrella combo is a must! This was my go-to look when I was working at a bank in Canary Wharf – if it was pouring down I’d travel to the office in my wellies with my trench coat covering my smart dress and a big umbrella to keep my hair dry. Then I’d change into my smart shoes once I was safe and dry in the office.

Which is your favourite look? Leave me a comment below to let me know!

Hunter Wellies Boots Style

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